Ganesh Charcoal sketch !

This is the first sketch that I choose to open my blog with!

Charcoal sketch of Ganesh

This is one of my attempts to sketch this amazing statue of Lord Ganesh dancing. I have used just charcoal and a little bit of pencil to do the entire sketch.

I have always loved to sketch sculptures. I have been doing them for quiet some time now, and  still trying to get a hang of it. I draw all kinds of sculptures ranging from temples to idols. Basically Charcoal and Pencils are my kinda art. That is what I do mostly. Of-course, I do add colors to my drawings a few times. But blacks and whites still hold a special place in my heart.

Hope you like it ! Do share your views on how it looks!!


3 thoughts on “Ganesh Charcoal sketch !

  1. Hey there, your Pencil sketches, Charcoal Drawings of Ganpati are wonderful! You’ve got real talent in Pencil sketches, Charcoal Drawings. Don’t give it up. Always keep on improving your Pencil sketches. 😀 Thanks for this wonderful blog! One suggestion though, rename the blog to something more personal.

  2. Beautiful rendition of Ganesh…one of my favourites! Thanks so much for your beautiful comments on my blog…I am very flattered and glad to have inspired you! Keep it up, you have talent:)
    PS…I love your blog background…magnolias are my fave…

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