Childhood Collections!!

This was one of my favorite childhood cartoons.

  Meet Fred Flintstone !! Yabba dabba doo !!

Fred Flintstone Drawing

This is a simple sketch of Fred Flintstone that was made by me when I was 11 years old, using all kinds of art materials that I could use properly. There is a bit of all; felt tip pens, paint, pens, color and graphite pencils.

I remember drawing this picture as soon as I came back from  school. ‘The Flintstones’ was one my favorites. Cartoons were great entertainment for me when I was a kid and I learnt a lot about drawing and sketching as I practiced drawing them.  I still love to draw cartoons and watch’em as well. Hope you like it, I have lots more coming!


Ganesh Charcoal sketch !

This is the first sketch that I choose to open my blog with!

Charcoal sketch of Ganesh

This is one of my attempts to sketch this amazing statue of Lord Ganesh dancing. I have used just charcoal and a little bit of pencil to do the entire sketch.

I have always loved to sketch sculptures. I have been doing them for quiet some time now, and  still trying to get a hang of it. I draw all kinds of sculptures ranging from temples to idols. Basically Charcoal and Pencils are my kinda art. That is what I do mostly. Of-course, I do add colors to my drawings a few times. But blacks and whites still hold a special place in my heart.

Hope you like it ! Do share your views on how it looks!!