Ganesha Drawings!

Ganesh drawing1

Ganesh drawing 2

Here are two of my other sketches of Ganesha. These are very simple and easy drawings that show Lord Ganesh in two completely different styles.


Ganesh Charcoal sketch !

This is the first sketch that I choose to open my blog with!

Charcoal sketch of Ganesh

This is one of my attempts to sketch this amazing statue of Lord Ganesh dancing. I have used just charcoal and a little bit of pencil to do the entire sketch.

I have always loved to sketch sculptures. I have been doing them for quiet some time now, and  still trying to get a hang of it. I draw all kinds of sculptures ranging from temples to idols. Basically Charcoal and Pencils are my kinda art. That is what I do mostly. Of-course, I do add colors to my drawings a few times. But blacks and whites still hold a special place in my heart.

Hope you like it ! Do share your views on how it looks!!